Anti-racism statement on behalf of US Ceiling Corp

The tragic events in Minneapolis and countless other incidents of police brutality and injustice across the U.S. have left so many of us feeling outraged and vulnerable. We share your anguish and are devastated that these incidents remain part of an ugly, long-standing history tracing back centuries, where black people in our country have been oppressed, marginalized, discriminated against and murdered because of the color of their skin.

At US Ceiling Corp, we condemn and denounce acts of violence against the black community and believe we must find effective ways to hold law enforcement accountable, so that peace and healing can envelope our communities. We support all people who experience hatred and violence based solely on who they are or what they look like. And while we’ve always worked to foster and promote diversity and celebrate the power of inclusion, we believe that social justice isn’t the responsibility of any one person or company.

We aren’t suggesting we have all the answers; however, as dialogue and demonstrations intensify, we are acutely fixed on renewing our commitment to justice and thinking critically about who we are as members of the Rochester community and beyond.

Please join us on this journey as we work to affect positive change across our footprint and bolster our company’s vision: Empowering communities where we live and work, where safety, quality of life and opportunities are equitable and shared by all.

Now more than ever, we are reminded about our purpose and why pursuit of this anti-racism ideal should be embraced by everyone. Those with power, platform and agency must make room for those who have been socially excluded or marginalized, and allow their voices and influence to help redesign the systems that will result in a noticeable change within our communities. We have much to do. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work—together.

-US Ceiling Corp President Melissa James-Geska

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