Featured Project: Woodland Commons – Macedon, NY

“…this sort of project will address quite a few individuals who have a need for safe, affordable housing with the support they really need to help them maintain their independence and stability in the community.” – James Haitz, Director of the Wayne County Mental Health Department

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With it’s bold but warm hues, Woodland Commons is a development that immediately grabs your eye while driving along the heavily traveled Route 31 in Macedon, NY. Despite being right in the thick of this bustling community, the property is tucked alongside a gently flowing creek; the calming ambience washing over the entire facility. Given how different the property is to most of what surrounds it, you might think it sticks out. Instead, the warmth of Woodland Commons draws you in, makes itself and you comfortable, and causes you to forget it hasn’t always been a part of this dynamic neighborhood.


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With sixty available units, Woodland Commons offers something truly remarkable; thirty energy-efficient units for those in need of mental health services and thirty energy-efficient units priced for applicants in need of affordable housing. This blending of occupants meant the structure had to serve multiple purposes, had to be efficiently constructed, and had to meet the exacting requirements set by municipal guidelines. This is where US Ceiling Corp shines.

Our team arrived with a clear mandate for precision, efficiency, and highly skilled craftsmanship. One facet of the project we are incredibly proud of having achieved that is the linear wood ceiling we installed in the reception area:


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No project is ever without its challenges, however. Where a contractor demonstrates their value is in proactively anticipating these challenges and handling them nimbly, effectively, and with grace.

Our Foreman, Manny A. immediately realized there was going to be a schedule issue. The three floors were each afforded ten days for our scope (for a total of thirty days). However, when looking at the plans, our Foreman, Manny, realized the third floor would need additional time to complete. With this in mind, and before our team even arrived on site, Manny proactively devised a revised internal schedule.

Our Foreman knew that the first and second floors called for pre-rock around the tubs and mechanical closets – but he also knew the plans indicated that the duct work should not be on the truss space. This is a HUGE change to the schedule. It meant that the entire third floor had to be pre-rocked rather than just the tubs and mechanical closets like the other two floors. This is when the challenge of having only ten days per floor was realized. Unfazed, our Foreman Manny devised a plan. Our team would push to finish the first and second floors in twelve days (six days per floor), giving them eighteen days to complete the more complex third floor.

This ingenious pivot allowed us to complete our scope per the original schedule without impacting the other trades, architect, or general contractor. It is precisely this proactive attention to detail that sets US Ceiling Corp apart. In the end, we handed over a masterfully completed project on time, target, and budget. This was our commitment and this is what we delivered.

US Ceiling Corp would like to thank the following employees for their exceptional work:

⟩⟩ Manny A., Foreman
⟩⟩ Jesus S. and Jesus, Linear Wood Ceiling


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(quote derived from original news source: http://www.waynetimes.com/news/macedon-apartment-project-route-31-designed-mental-health-support-affordable-housing/)

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