Featured Project: Pittsford House

It’s not often (in fact, it’s quite rare) that US Ceiling Corp takes on a residential project. When we got the call from Hamilton Stern Construction, however, we saw a project with vision and an opportunity to turn that extraordinary vision in to a reality.

The home is nestled within the verdant lanes of Pittsford, New York; a neighborhood teeming with walkers, joggers, and parents with strollers that take pride in their local scenery. This project would soon prove to be a happy addition to an already dynamic neighborhood.

IMG_20170524_135707_094As you approach the property, all the hallmarks of ongoing construction are present: the unkempt landscaping, material strewn about, and the brandishing of corporate logos on the house wrap. One thing also revealed (to those with a keen eye) is the spacious lot, beautifully constructed pre-existing structure, and the vision of what the completed project will add to this storied community.

IMG_20170523_174636_903As you make your way toward the front entrance, you are immediately deposited into a time before the present. Even under construction, the sight of this walkway is enough to make you pause and appreciate the view.

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US Ceiling Corp’s scope was clear: the wood framing, drywall, and drywall finishing of the existing structure, a massive add-on, and a carriage house at the rear of the property. No matter how simple a scope, though, a project can present many unforeseen challenges. Where a subcontractor demonstrates their value is in proactively anticipating these challenges and handling them nimbly, effectively, and with grace.

US Ceiling Corp faced three challenges early on:

  1. As the team arrived to begin the layout of the add-on, they quickly realized the elevations for the add-on and the existing structure were not equivalent. In concert with the architect, the team deftly devised an engineering solution to overcome what would have been a major issue. This allowed our team to continue to progress on time, target, and budget.
  2. As work continued, our team then realized the narrow staircases of the existing structure would not allow for the safe delivery of drywall to the second floor. Needing a solution quickly, our team devised a bold plan to remove a second story wall, install rain cover (as this was happening during the rainy season), deliver the drywall directly to the second floor, and then rebuild the original wall that was removed. The plan was not only effective but, again, allowed US Ceiling’s team to stay on time, target, and budget.
  3. The last of the three great challenges facing the US Ceiling Corp team was the overall degree of difficulty of the vision of the architect. Gary Black (VP of Operations for US Ceiling Corp) rated the difficulty of construction as an 8.5 out of 10. When you look at the finished wall below, you can see what he means. Numerous shapes and structures like this were built on-site by US Ceiling Corp Master Carpenters, Drywall Hangers, and Drywall Finishers. The quality of their work speaks for itself:IMG_20170523_174411_721

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As the project nears completion, US Ceiling Corp is incredibly proud of the work accomplished for the homeowner and on behalf of the project’s General Contractor, Hamilton Stern Construction.

The quality, focus, and timeliness of our work has given US Ceiling Corp the honor of becoming the contractor of choice for Hamilton Stern Construction. This is a significant accomplishment as Hamilton Stern Construction was recently ranked the top company in the Rochester Area by the Rochester Chamber of Commerce. Of this budding relationship, Gary Black (US Ceiling Corp VP of Operations) explained, “Our pricing is always competitive but it’s also nice to know that, when quality matters, they come to us.”

US Ceiling Corp would like to thank the following employees for their exceptional work:

⟩⟩ Harold E., Framing Foreman
⟩⟩ Tom D. & Dan D., Drywall Finishing Foremen

(additional images of the existing structure, add-on, and carriage house)


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