A touching story out of Tennessee. A school bus mechanic named Thomas Mitchell was helping out his district by serving as a substitute school bus driver. In that role, he saw the daily struggle of Verna DeSpain as she labored to lift her wheelchair-bound daughter out of the home and across a set of stone steps to the bus each morning and afternoon.

Not wanting to watch this struggle continue, Thomas went to his local Lowes Hardware, told them of the Mother’s need, and the Manager of the local store was more than happy to donate the necessary lumber and materials. Material now in hand, Thomas called Verna and asked if it was ok for him and his friends to build her an accessibility ramp. Verna tearfully and happily accepted.

What followed was a construction project of compassion and community. In the video below, you’ll see more detail of this touching story. When stories like this arise, it reminds us of our critical ties to the community we live in and serve. We should all look for opportunities to contribute to our communities in similar ways.

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