Young Women’s College Prep School Holds 6th Annual Leadership Breakfast

US Ceiling Proudly Supports the YWCP

So blessed today to have part of the US Ceiling Team join me at the celebration of the amazing Young Women’s College Prep school in Rochester, N.Y. These young women are college bound and will set the world on FIRE!!!!” – Melissa Geska, US Ceiling Corp President

Begun in August of 2012, the Young Women’s College Prep Charter School of Rochester (YWCP) immediately set out to offer eighty one 7th grade girls an opportunity to excel in a new environment. Studies have shown that:

  • “Female graduates of single-sex high schools demonstrate higher academic achievement than their co-ed peers, including higher SAT scores and increased confidence in math and computer skills.
  • Three times as many alumnae of all-girls’ schools plan to become engineers.
  • Graduates also show higher levels of political engagement and greater self-confidence in public speaking.” (source:

Being a Minority, Woman-Owned Business, US Ceiling has a keen interest in supporting the education and advancement of our future leaders. That support manifests itself in sponsoring events such as the Leadership Breakfast held on this day.


To the amazment of all in attendance, the young ladies representing the YWCP demonstrated a grasp of their goals, ambitions, determination, and ability to fill a packed room with laughter and love. The event was meant to highlight the great work being done by the YWCP and to serve as a spotlight on the specific achievements of its students. It was also an opportunity to thank those that have been fundamental to these early achievements. The leadership group of the YWCP also announced the ambition to continue to grow the school and set a target enrollment of 500 students! Lastly, it was an opportunity to watch an incredibly moving video that we hope you will watch in full:

In the years to come, US Ceiling Corp will continue to support powerful institutions like the Young Women’s College Prep Charter School of Rochester!

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