US Ceiling Corp Holiday Party Becomes Opportunity to Give Back

US Ceiling Corp Employees Bring Toys for the Children of House of Mercy

“The holidays are a wonderful time to think of all the families within our community.” Andrew James, Business Process Manager

At a log cabin just outside of town, the employees and associates of US Ceiling Corp. gathered to eat, laugh, and share one another’s company. The reason: The US Ceiling Corp Holiday Party.


As is always the case, when large numbers of great people gather, great things happen. Melissa Geska (US Ceiling Corp President) let it be known that US Ceiling Corp would be making a sizable monetary donation to the House of Mercy. Additionally, she let it be known that any employee wanting to help could bring an unwrapped toy which would be given to the children within the House of Mercy over the holiday season. The response was terrific.

As you can see from the picture above and to the left, the US Ceiling Corp employees and associates overwhelmed expectations and donated more than seventy toys. The toys were collected and then taken to the House of Mercy’s office the next morning.


It’s a beautiful thing to be able to help within your community. The entirety of US Ceiling Corp was happy and humbled to play a part in delivering joy to the most vulnerable among us. A toy is a small but vital part of a healthy childhood.

The House of Mercy is quite familiar to US Ceiling Corp. At present, US Ceiling Corp’s employees and associates are hard at work building the new facility that will offer a massive increase to the amount of community members that can be served. Here is a video of a guided site walkthrough:

As the facility nears completion, US Ceiling Corp is proud to have contributed to the construction of what is sure to keep happy, healthy, and safe so many members of our community. Before clicking away, please take a moment to watch the touching video below. It gives an introduction to the critical work being done by the folks at The House of Mercy.

For additional information about the House of Mercy, please visit their site:



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